What to Remember When Making Your Own Timber Window Repairs

Timber windows are typically somewhat easy to repair, as the wood of the windows can be sanded down and filled in with a filler material, and the wood then repainted or stained. In many cases, you don't even need to remove the window frame itself to make the repair but can do this while the window is still intact. While it may seem like an easy job for many homeowners, there are some mistakes to avoid along the way. [Read More]

Modifying Your House to Deal With Degenerating Vision

If you or a loved one has a condition that will result in degenerating sight over time you might like to make some modifications in order to make sure that your house is suitable for as long as possible. Here are some tips on how to modify your home.  Light fittings One of the most important ways to maximise sight in areas is to make sure that you have good overhead lighting. [Read More]

Expert tips for the restoration of old houses

Old homes may have charm and a beautiful historic look that is desired by many. However, serious deterioration may necessitate heavy remodelling and restoration to make it habitable. Home restoration is a serious undertaking that should never be taken lightly as some projects have been known to last for very long. The houses may have many surprises that will cripple your progress if you are totally unprepared. If you want to undertake the restoration of an old house as a DIY project, here are some helpful tips. [Read More]

How to Salvage Old Furniture

When you have a piece of furniture that is relatively solid but which has a broken or chipped area, stains, tears to the upholstery, or that just looks old and drab, you don't need to toss it out just yet. Typically you can make a few repairs or fix up that piece and turn it into something entirely new, or have a professional repair it for you quickly and easily. Considering the cost of new furniture today, this can be the best option for anyone! [Read More]