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Flooded Home: 3 Actions You Need to Take

If your home has been flooded or otherwise suffered from water damage, it is important that you take steps to deal with the problem immediately. The longer that water damage goes untreated, the greater the risk to your property and your well-being. Below is a guide to three steps you should take when you home has been flooded and damaged by water.

Remove the water

As soon as you have located the source of the leak and shut off the mains water supply, you should take action to remove the water from your property. In an emergency, you can use buckets to bale the water out into the drain. However, this can be time-consuming so you should consider calling in a professional contractor who can supply a water pump. A water pump will allow you to drain the flooded area of your home quickly.

Clean the flooded area

Even if the water has come from a water supply pipe, this doesn't mean that the water which flooded the property is clean. As it enters and moves around your home, it may become cross-contaminated with water from the toilet or local sewer. This means it could contain bacteria which could make you or your loved ones very unwell.

The risk of bacteria growing in flood waters increases if the water is left to stand for some time. You may also notice that mould and mildew begins to form on surrounding surfaces. To deal with this issue, you should wash and wipe down any surface using a mixture of household bleach and water. You may also wish to apply an antifungal agent to prevent the growth of mould and mildew in your property.

Call in a professional repair and restoration service

Once you have removed the flood water and cleaned the area, you should contact a professional repair and restoration service. These specialist contractors will be able to carry out a full assessment of your home in order to spot any hidden areas of damage. Once this assessment is complete, the contractors will work to restore your property to the state it was in before the flood occurred. This may involve removing certain fixtures or features so they can be worked on before they are reinstalled. Waterproofing contractors may also offer advice on how you can protect yourself from future leaks and flood.

If your home has suffered a flood, your first concern should be for your own well-being and that of your family. Remember, as long as you are safe; a professional restoration company can look after your home and can offer protection from future water damage.