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Great Maintenance Advice for Garage Doors

It is important to keep the elements and intruders out of your garage at all times. Your car, bicycle or any other items you might be storing inside your garage should always be safe. The only way you can be assured of the safety of your property is through regular maintenance of your garage doors. One of the most challenging repairs for present day garages is maintaining roller doors. If you own a garage that has a roller door, below are a few useful tips on how you can take good care of it.

Grease Up

Are your roller doors becoming a bit tighter and harder to move? The solution is simple: lubricate the moving parts. Find out where the rollers are situated, and smear a little bit of grease around them using a flat stick or pair of gloves. This would only take a few minutes of your time. Furthermore, you do not have to do it every day. You only need to grease the rollers whenever you start finding it difficult to roll up your door. You can get recommendations of the best grease from your door installer.

Use Tension Rods

These are rods usually made of iron and are used to reinforce timber or metal doors. Therefore, when you realize that your garage door has started sagging in, just know that it's time to tighten those tension rods. In case your door doesn't have any rods, you can find some in your local door hardware store. These rods should be installed diagonally at the back of your door, and you can have your door repairer fit them for you. The rods are equipped with a buckle that you can turn until the door straightens out. After squaring it up, remember to confirm straightness with a balance.

Know When to Involve a Professional

Although you can do most of the door repairs yourself, it is important to know when to involve a roller door repairs professional. For instance, if you notice any cracks or crevices on the walls surrounding your doors, notify your mason. Don't patch it up yourself. Moreover, in case you want to adjust your tracks, just have your door repairer do it for you. Doing it yourself could be quite difficult and sometimes even cause injury if not careful done. Last but not least, strictly leave any wiring to electricians. Some of these cables that lift your door contain very high voltages and could fatally harm you.