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Energy efficiency | Top tips to keep your budget energy efficient

Over half the energy used in a home goes to heating and cooling. Since the heating and cooling occupy such as a large portion of your pay check, then it's about time you adopt some measures to utilize your energy. Here are some of the top tips that can leave you a lot of cash in your pockets.


One of the best ways of keeping your HVAC system working within your budget range is to tune it up a bit. Even the best of systems experience a decline of performance over time when not properly maintained, and tuning it up really boosts its oomph. One of the best ways to do this is by having an annual maintenance contract. The best times to tune the system would be before the beginning of another season. Though you'll be eating up some money from your financial kitty, the end result is a system that lasts for years.

Choose the right HVAC systems

Just as witnessed with all products, not all HVAC systems are created equal. Avoid the older models, they weren't designed with the energy saving factor in mind. Look out for the Energy Star certified systems. These systems normally have a higher SEER (seasonal energy efficient ratio), which makes them much more efficient as compared to other models. About 14% more efficient.

Use blinds

Controlling direct sun rays can save your energy bill by a huge margin. Close your blinds in the summer to keep the sun's heat out, and open them in winter days. However, close them during winter nights to reduce the chill gotten from cold windows. Use options such as solar films, solar screens on your HVAC to keep the building cool without using too much energy.

Thermostat readings

To save more energy you need to properly set your thermostat. Using a colder setting than usual doesn't result in faster cooling. It will just get the temperatures lower than required and use up more energy. When setting your thermostat, try and maintain as little difference between the outside and inside temperatures as you possibly can. Doing so greatly reduces the energy bill. For every 1o, you can save up to 5% of the heating bills.

Change the filters

Also remember to change or clean your filters each month especially in the peak of cold or hot seasons. Dirty filters really exhaust the equipment and result in poor air quality.