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3 Ways To Save Money When Remodelling Your Rental Property's Bathroom

If you're renovating a property to rent out to tenants then you are probably hoping to minimise your expenses while still creating a pleasing home that can demand a good rental income. Remodelling a dated or damaged bathroom can be one of the biggest expenses outside the kitchen, and you may be wondering how to save yourself some money. Here are three tips for keeping your bathroom budget to a minimum.

1. Repair the bathtub

Having an attractive, clean, and functional bathtub is a must for any family bathroom. It can also be the most expensive item if it needs replacing. Fortunately, this can generally be avoided by having the bath repaired by a specialist bath repair company like Bathroom Resurfacing SA.

Chips, burns, and stains on the surface of the bath can be spot repaired. If the whole bath is in a bad way then the whole bath can be completely resurfaced. This process will have the bath looking like new and will cost a fraction of what a new bath would set you back.

Resurfacing is also an excellent option if you have an ugly and dated avocado or pink coloured bath. A crisp white coat over the top of the existing enamel will bring your bath into the 21st century. The same process can also be used on sinks and toilets.

2. Re-use the cabinetry

Replacing the cabinetry in the bathroom is another large cost when remodelling a bathroom. If the existing cabinetry is structurally sound then you can simply repaint it to give the bathroom fresh new feel. Some new door furniture will complete the look, and will cost next to nothing.

If the cabinetry doors are in bad shape but the carcasses are solid then you can simply attach new doors. Although this will involve a higher cost than repainting the existing doors, it is still a cheaper option than replacing the entire set of cabinets.

3. Choose budget flooring

Another large expense can be replacing the flooring. Broken and stained tiles or patchy threadbare carpet need to go. However, replacing them with a new timber or tile floor can be costly.

An excellent budget flooring option is to use vinyl or linoleum flooring. If this gives you flashbacks to 70s style lino floors, don't panic. Modern vinyl and linoleum floors look amazing and come in a range of stylish and elegant designs. The added advantage of this type of flooring is that it's incredibly easy to do yourself so you won't need to pay any extra contractor fees.

Over-investing in a rental property can negatively impact your financial returns. By following the above tips, you'll save yourself a small fortune yet still provide your tenants with a modern and fresh bathroom.