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Tips for Avoiding Unnecessary Freezer Repair Bills

Freezer repair is almost always going to be needed at one time or another, but, too often, homeowners do things to cause unnecessary wear and tear on their freezers and, in turn, face those repair bills long before they should. Whether you have an upright freezer or one attached to your refrigerator, there are some things you can do to keep it in good working order for as long as possible.

1. Turn up the temperature

When you set the temperature of your freezer, the motor and blower will need to run in order to maintain that temperature. The colder you want it in the freezer, the more often these parts will need to work. If you turn up the temperature, meaning that you keep the inside of the freezer just slightly warmer, the motor and blower will work less often. They should then last longer than if you kept the freezer colder than it really needs to be to preserve your food.

2. Ensure adequate ventilation 

A freezer needs ventilation around the coils that circulate refrigerant, or else they may get too warm. In turn, the motor and blower need to work harder to circulate this refrigerant and create cool air. It's not unusual for homeowners to slide a freezer or refrigerator up against a wall as close as it will go, in order to save space and keep it out of the way of foot traffic. However, if you notice that the freezer seems warm in the back or on the bottom, where the coils are located, give it a bit more space for added ventilation.

Ventilation is also good if the room in which you keep the freezer is overly warm. While a freezer is well-insulated, if the air around it is very hot, this can make it work harder to maintain a constant temperature. Use your kitchen fan when cooking or open the garage door slightly to let in some air if you keep your freezer there.

3. Don't shut it off

In order to save money, some people will shut off their freezer for a time, even hooking it up to a timer to turn it on and off. However, constantly switching back on can put added wear and tear on the freezer motor and blower. Rather than doing this, adjust the inside temperature so it's just cold enough to protect your food but no colder. If your home's circuits keep shutting off, have this checked by an electrician so you can upgrade or rewire the circuit and protect the life of your freezer.

If you do need repairs, or for more tips on maintaining your freezer, contact a local repair company like Mack's Fix Refrigeration Industries