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How to Keep the Grout in Your Commercial Kitchen Clean: Five Essential Items You Need

Keeping grout looking clean can be a challenge in any environment, but it can be especially challenging in a commercial kitchen. Luckily, there are ways to clean and protect your grout so it always looks tidy. You just need these five essentials:

1. Strong epoxy grout

If you are replacing your grout or putting in a new commercial kitchen, do not just use the least expensive grout you can find. Instead, make sure you use a strong epoxy grout.

Regular grout can deteriorate through contact with the extreme temperatures in a commercial kitchen, and it can also break down if it comes into contact with certain bacteria or cleaning chemicals.

2. A grease cutting cleaner

With all of the grease, oil and butter used to make restaurant food rich and tasty, you likely have a coating of grease threatening your walls, your tiles and your grout. When you clean your floor, make sure the cleaner you use has a degreasing agent in it.

Apply it liberally, let it sit on the grout for a few minutes (longer if your kitchen floors are especially dirty) and mop to break down the grease in your grout.

3. A stiff deck brush

Although mopping can make the tiles in your commercial kitchen shine, it isn't aggressive enough for the grout, and if your grout is slightly depressed compared to the level of your tiles, the mop may not adequately get into those spaces. After mopping, grab a deck brush. Its stiff wire bristles will penetrate into the grout and move along any dirt or debris.

4. Floor drains

Once you have applied the degreaser and scrubbed, you need to fully remove any chemicals you have on the tile and grout. The most effective way to do this is by thoroughly rinsing your floor. Ideally, you want to be able to dump buckets of hot water on to the floor, and then, you want to use a clean mop to push all of that excess water down your floor drains.

If you don't have floor drains, you can still rinse your tiles and grout work, but you will need to wet a mop, apply it to the floor and then, mop up the water again.

5. Professional grout cleaning services

When dirt or grease builds up on your grout or when your grout starts to look discoloured, it is typically time to turn to the professionals. Professionals who provide grout cleaning services have special tools so they can get your grout thoroughly and deeply clean. They can also seal the grout to protect against future stains.

You might also need to consider replacing grout if there is extensive damage. Contact a business like Regrout Services if you have specific questions about the grout repair and replacement process.